What is A2 Games?

It's a time machine, one that's taking our playtime concepts to your table. We are its fuel and you are its engine, so hop aboard and let's go for a spin. The name? Since we're two developers called Andrei and Andrei, this one was really simple.

Why Kickstarter?

We love Kickstarter because it makes the board game world go round with the help of awesome folks like you.

This is why we're starting a campaign and we'll let you know all about it soon.

Meanwhile, here are the ideas that have kept us engaged in the past



Sharing a train with the other players is the only way to transport your riches across the country. But are their treasure chests loaded with gold or lead?

Flip Trip

Ever had one of those times when you sat down with somebody and let the conversation take over? This little book is one.

The Samurai Jack Board Game That Cannot Happen

The demo video speaks for itself.

How it works